Routines at Specific Time - Not Working

Hi Everyone! Been a while since posting. I’ve read numerous posts on the problems at smartthings lately, particularly around firing routines at a specific time. I just noticed that ours seem to intermittently work, and one in particular is probably costing us money. The one i care about is the sleep routine that takes our thermostats down/up around midnight to 530 AM so they don’t come on. I noticed this hasn’t been going off. It’s setup to, but doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to debug/test this? Can we look at this in the web based API controls?

FYI, i’m on hub v1. Have v2, but no time to reconfigure everything for a day. Don’t know if this would be better or worse with v2.

One thing that isn’t as costly is that our home from work at a specific time also seems to work on/off…maybe 2 days on, then nothing. Reboot hub, works again, so it’s not just the problem with the one sleep routine.

Thanks everyone

ST time schedules fail often.

to avoid time schedules you can try “When things quiet down”, which I do use for thermostat night setback, and it rarely fails.

I’ve learned to schedule my time based triggers for off-peak times. My theory is that so many people schedule events for on the hour or the half hour, that the servers can’t keep up. By moving my time setting a minute or two off either way, my reliability has gone way up.

I have only recently done this but the difference was noticeable, I have yet to see if this will continue in the long term.

Thank you…I just updated a few of my routines to this and will see what happens

I did do this and agree it works more often, but I’m still getting about a 30-40% failure rate of routines not firing off. The server busy seems to make sense as the routines that fail the most are 6pm and 10pm routines. 530 and 745 am rarely fail. Trying to do based on motion and other things and will see if this imrpoves

it is absolutely mind-boggling that ST has been aware of this for months, if not year+, and still have not fixed it

Have the same problem here. Nothing seems to be a permanent fix for this. They may work for 3-5 days, then suddenly half don’t work, or even none. It seems to have a mind of it’s own. Keep being told “ST is aware of the problem” but not sure it’s being worked on. I originally had my lights on at 5 pm and off at 11 pm. Moved them around and stuck for a bit on 5:10 pm and 10:30 pm. Now thinking I should change those times off server busy times, but that’s inconvenient for me as obviously I want lights on when it’s dark. Not sure there is a win situation until the issue is actually addressed.

Just an update - the routines that were working routinely at specific times stopped working two days ago. I have 4 routines a day and not one has worked in the last two days, including the change I just made on “when things start happening”. I’m getting pretty tired of this but don’t know what product to turn to and additional time investment required. I wish this was just fixed - seems like this is a basic function that should work. I read somewhere in these forums that smartthings needs to realize this is an appliance and needs to function like one. I think of it like IT and uptime - we may not need 99.9999% uptime, but better than 60%, no?

I’m in the same boat. Front porch lights not coming on when they are supposed to, and then – after I change the mode manually – not going off when they are supposed to. I’d say that my reliability is about 30% over the past week…to the point where I’m more surprised when the house is in the right mode than when it isn’t.

I had discovered long ago that moving a timed mode change by a minute or two would break a losing streak, but I had assumed that by “re-saving” the routine, I was reasserting my place in the queue. The server load idea makes sense, but it really ought to be a queue with some kind of handshake. I don’t really care if my front porch lights turn of at 10:00, or 10:00.15, or even 10:03. But there’s no reason that the event should get missed entirely.