Failed Routines - possible explanation revealed by live log

I noticed that my Good Night Routine did not complete last night. The logs showed that SHM was armed and that mode was changed, but in reality neither happened. I’ve replicated the routine this morning to see what happens in the live log and I’ve got this to share:

The routine didn’t change mode, didn’t set the alarm to away, didn’t lock the doors, didn’t change the thermostat. This may be the root of many routine failures that we have seen recently.

Update: the house behaves as in Night mode (light mode restrictions are taking place) however, bothe IDE and phone app are showing Daytime mode. Moreover, SHM is detecting intruder alerts, but doesn’t send any notifications, even though the live logging is stating otherwise.

This issue has been there forever. Search for TimeoutException and you’ll find a dozen of discussions. For example, this:

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True, but the difference is, that I made no changes to this routine and it used to work. So something has changed recently, that’s all I am pointing out…

Cool hope they fix this one of my houses this morn presume it was same thing. It ran but didn’t do anything.

Does the routine work if you manually initiate it?

Yes every time!!!

I am experiencing the same thing. As a temporary (I hope) work around I am using the Rule Machine app to trigger the routine.

I have located the offender! Wemo Connect…I was turning off 2 wemo switches and the routine was restricted from running if a Wemo switch was on. Once I removed those, the routine ran fine…@ErnieG running it manually for me was hit and miss…

@geko you are right! is the same issue…

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I actually had the exact same things happen. My routine automatically published, the app said it was in the specified mode, when I entered the house my security alarm went off. I had to manually set it to initiate and then it worked. I submitted a ticket to support and they said it’s a KNOWN ISSUE and they are working on it right now. They’re going to push an update soon to fix it.

Just happened to me too again too. All of this started happening around the same time the update for multiple accounts was implemented. I created a new “I’m Back!” under another name and it fixed it. Until today. I may create another and see what happens.

Interesting… The rule that failed on me this morning also has a Wemo light switch that gets turned on.

It may not be ST but the Wemo servers…I noticed that even the Wemo app had hard time today

I never use the app. I only have one switch installed. I have two more in the boxes, never opened.

I don’t like the way they always show offline in the Alexa app, but still work. Trivial, but still just don’t care for them.

I gave all my wemo’s away to my niece and of course she is not using it. :wink:

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Typically typical… Lol

Just ordered Leviton outlets to replace them. 20% off extra on Amazon for a week, at checkout. Cannot beat that!

What’s the final price on those? And how do they compare to the GE switches? I tend to like to keep my hardware very similar (same brand)

Talking about outlets not switches. 31 bucks each…wanted to get zigbee, but the price won…

Ahhhhhh, nevermind… But I’m thinking about getting some of those too.

Are both plugs smart?

No, only one…20 char.