Schedule Ring Recording "Live View" Events?

Is there a way to schedule the Ring camera/doorbell to record at certain time intervals? For example, have Ring go “live view” every hour?

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That would be awesome. I also wish the recordings integrated with SHM in the same way Arlo does. If an intrusion is detected it seems reasonable to allow my doorbell and floodlight to record activity right outside my doors and propagate through the SHM page.

Unfortunately - I don’t know of a way to do this currently from within SmartThings.

There’s a Ring API out there and javascript to get to the devices / livestream / history via javascript.

It should be relatively easy for some enterprising dev here to graft some of that stuff into ST.

Would it be possible to have something like “turn lights on every hour for 1 minute” tied to a specific smart light in the basement and then a separate one “turn on Ring doorbell live view when the light turns on”