Ring Floodlight and doorbell Live View unavailable

Hi I have 2 floodlight cams and a doorbell 2 and none of the live video feeds are working in ST, I only really want this for the live feed to appear on the TV when using it, but that doesn’t appear either. The app just states “Camera is unavailable. Tap the refresh button.” Is it a latency issue? Can I extend the timeout for live view?

I have changed the doorbell to Pro in IDE
The log shows:

9:43:21 AM: info [SM] ringApiResponseTime=853

9:43:20 AM: trace [SM] Executing ‘ringApiGet()’

9:43:20 AM: info [SM] ringApiResponseTime=1259

9:43:20 AM: trace [SM] Executing ‘liveStreamHandler()’

9:43:21 AM: trace [SM] This is not a latent stream

9:43:21 AM: trace [SM] Executing ‘handleLatentLiveStream()’

9:43:21 AM: debug [SM] vendorMessage() - On-Demand Live View Event Received for Side.

Any help appreciated

So to add to the strangeness, Ring is recording the live view and I Can see it on their website that it was recorded but it never comes through to ST?

Yes unfortunately same problem, apparently there’s 2 types of floodlight camera and despite falsely saying it works on the SmartThings site it doesnt.

I even bought a Samsung 65" Q90 TV with SmartThings and it still wont work, given up after a year trying to simply display Rings cameras on the TV.

My trial for the protect plan expires today so hoping that might be stopping it, the api is working and the camera is activating, it just doesnt make it back to ST

@RH84 did you ever get this working? same issue here with Ring Doorbell 2

Nope never resolved, I called Ring they said it doesnt support the video integration. So pretty much a dead end, wish I’d gone with a different brand now but oh well.

So I pursued this with Ring support who contacted ST and after clearing the data from my ST app its now working on both my phone and TV!!

Can you explain exactly how you got this working? I have a Ring spotlight camera and I also cant see the live view either within the ST app on my phone or within ST on my TV. What steps did you take to clear the data?

Hi Guys,

same here :frowning: I have the spotlight and Doorbell in usage but can’t use within ST due to insufficient usability.

I found this posting over on Ring which suggests that battery devices cant use Live view within ST. If true, that explains why its not working for me at least because my spotlight cam is the battery version.


Im not actually sure, literally i spoke with ring and they fixed it.

No worries. I’ll get on to them and if I can get this sorted, I’ll update this thread. I really do want to get to the bottom of this.

I can add the floodlight to my q50 tv, but when there is movement it doesn’t show anything on the tv. I also have a ring video doorbell gen 1, but this isn’t available for smartthings was told me.

It seems to have stopped working for me now

I’ve been on to ST support, which has been absolutely useless. I’ve also been onto Ring chat support and they’ve told me they cant help me over chat, I need to call in which I’m struggling with from Ireland.

@RH84, if you get onto Ring support again to get this working, can you ask them what steps they’re taking to enable/fix this?

Not sure what’s going on now because all of sudden, I have the Live view working within the SmartThings app on my iphone. I still havent been in touch with Ring support. It still doesnt work on my TV though :frowning:

Ok, I no longer know whats going on here. I’ve done nothing to change anything with ST and now I have live view working on both my phone and on my TV. I did add a second Ring camera so no clue if that triggered something.
I do notice I’ve got a new section on ST on my TV called something like “Services” and it lists the cameras as CCTV. Live view works for both now though, including simultaneously.