Recording Ring Live View


Does anyone know how to record the live view from a ring camera? and ideally triggered by a motion event through ST?

Even just taking a still snapshot would be good

Sadly, I don’t have an answer for you. However, Ring has a native setting to automagically take pictures for you.

Hamburger Menu > Devices > (Doorbell) > Device Settings > Snapshot Capture

I use this, and have the doorbell take a picture every 14 minutes. My doorbell is hardwired in, so I don’t need to take battery life into account, but you may need to. It’s actually come in handy a few times already, like when something small like a neighborhood pet breaks free from their yard or some trash just “appears” on my lawn.

It’s also kinda nice to play them back sometimes and watch the sunrise. :slight_smile:

Hi Stacie,

I was more after a way to use ST to push the videos or snapshots to local storage and avoid having to pay an ongoing subscription to Ring. I would have thought it possible at the very least to set up ST on a spare tablet and have it auto take a snapshot if motion detected, do you know how to automate app commands from ST?

Unfortunately I do not. I think the key part that will be missing is the “save video/snapshots” bit. From the available functions in the ST newApp, I don’t see a way to tell ST to save anything. :frowning:

If you have an android device, you may be able to do it with a combination of Tasker and sharptools. @joshua_lyon might know. :sunglasses:

Ok cool ill look into it, i realise it may be a crude work around of opening the app and screen record

I note I can set up a notification on motion that has the option to attach a photo from a camera but my ring cameras arent an option??

It would be much easier to just get something like e eufy doorbell that allows local storage.

Not easier on my wallet

This brings up an interesting issue with the app.

You can take a picture manually from the ring live view in the new ST app as if the device has the camera capability, but you cannot select it to take a photo in an automation or SHM responses even though you should be able to.

It would be nice if this was fixed.

Is it possible with any cloud based cameras? The app has instructions about smartthings cameras, are they cloud? Where is the photo stored if it was automated? And if you can do it for a photo surely you can do it with a clip as well

How much is the subscription?

AUD$150 a year, so its not hugely expensive. But I dont believe in this style of recurring costs and I also want it all to work through ST not having to jumpbetween apps etc.

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Understood and thanks for the info.