2019 Video Doorbells / Cameras?

What is currently one of the “best” video doorbell cameras to use with ST? Best is subjective, but you see where I am going with this.

I would like to get a notification when the motion sensor is triggered which allows me to go straight to the camera view. Also, I would like it to record clips (preferably with free or cheap storage). Would be a plus if I can view it within ST as well.

Thank you in advance.

The only official doorbell integration is with ring:

But as I understand it, it’s still a fairly limited integration. I’m sure other people who have the device will chime in and say more.

If A different brand of doorbell has an IFTTT channel, you may be able to get some integration that way:



I use Ring Video Doorbell 2 and am pretty happy with its integration with ST. I can do live view from the new ST app. Ring is cloud storage only and has two plans which you can review video up to 60 days:


Good info… what about security cameras. What is everyone using there?

The only official camera integrations at this time are some of the ring models, some of the Arlo models, and the new Samsung Wi-Fi camera.

Both the Arlo and the ring are very popular. The Samsung is only a month or two old, and I haven’t seen many community reports on it yet.

Yes, I saw that… but I prefer something more professional. We just built a house and I ran Cat 6 cables to all of the eves during construction to save me the trouble later. Looking for a POE solution that is 4K.

There are many security systems that are “more professional,“ it’s just that people aren’t usually looking for integration with SmartThings if that’s their baseline. :wink:.

There are many community members that have completely separate security systems, and use many different kinds of cameras for those. Hopefully some of those will chime in, although you can also just search the forum for “camera.“

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I am using the Skybell Trim HD video doorbell and love it. Free 7 day cloud storage and works well with ST.

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Is this the one you are using?

Yes, Greg that is the model I am using. Works great.


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Use Blue Iris with some POE webcams. I believe there is a way to link Blue Iris with ST in some sort of motion detection capacity if you need something like that. Otherwise, Blue Iris running on a local server will take care of everything you need for security/recording/etc.


Blue Iris only runs on Windows though, correct? We only have Macs.

I have the brand new Ring Door View cam (doorbell)… I use Classic app & the only options I see are Doorbell & Doorbell pro… I tried both of the only options & get:

Any ideas? The live view works great on Ring app. So I know it’s set up. Hmmm

It’s not necessary to put up the same post four times. :scream: Somebody will almost certainly answer you if you just give them a little time to get to it.

In this case, the model that you have, the door view, is very new and is not yet on the official compatibility list.

(All together now: the first rule of home automation is “the model number matters.”)

I’m sure it’s frustrating, but because new models have to go through certification, it can take a while before they are officially integrated even if from the customer’s point of view it seems very similar to another model.

Hopefully it will be added to the official list soon.

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