Schalge lock feature missing: Code change, Guest access etc

Both the new and the old app show the lock, but no added controls for users or codes.

My controller ver here.

I think it’s time to start dumping smartthings as Samsung seems to have given up. More and more of my smartthings stopped working (like you, my Schlage Z-wave lock). Not sure why, but some of the cheap Chinese stuff works better than the official name-brand Samsung Smartthings. Have they given up? Would suck… But my Google Home has far better response from various other vendors than Smartthings (which seem to be less stable lately as both my Z-wave network and Zigbee network go offline). Please Samsung ARE YOU LISTENING!


Chech out @RBoy for a full featured lock driver and app.
He has a web site as well,

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The image you posted from the Classic app for Automation > SmartApps does not look correct. It shows Smart Locks listed when it should be listed as Smart Locks Guest Access there.


For the Classic app, look for a Smart Locks on the main dashboard and see if the locks appear there.

In the new app, look for Smart Locks Guest Access on the main dashboard or in the menu > SmartApps. If you do not see Smart Locks Guest Access there, you will need to add it. Click on the + in the upper right of the screen and look for the app and install it. Once installed, go back to the dashboard and open it.

This is the app @daven was referring to which not only manages users and locks but also allows a host of custom actions and different types of schedules for user codes:

If your lock has advanced features such as auto lock, privacy modes, external keypad locking, alarms etc you can access them with a custom device handler (optional for an enhanced experience):

Thanks for helping!
In either app, when I click to add new Smartapp, the list is short, and does not include anything called “smartlock Guest access”

What country are you in?

United States.

I recommend that you contact ST support. Your Add Smartapps in the new app should have many more apps than you are currently seeing. In the new app, click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and select help. You can send a message or call. Calling and speaking to a support rep is usually the faster way to get assistance.


I get to my schlage guest codes in the classic app, via the dashboard under Home Solutions > “Smart Locks” - i have not added any app yet and can do basic control of sending sms codes etc

I have exactly the same issue

any help ?

and the issue is? missing Smart Lock Guest access app? or you have the app and it does not see your lock? or other?

Thanks for your time and i did read your earlier reply regarding Smart Lock Guest access app
i look for it in both new and classic smarthings Apps - but could not find it
I have added my lock but only can lock and unlock it - with no future to issue new usser codes or delet existing usser code ! like i had this future in my wink hub - but i thought samsang would be more reliable even tho wink hube with 3 time less then the smarthings hub :slight_smile: but it still can do all that

what region are you in?

I buy it in usa - And installing it in Uk
so I am in Uk

tagging @Brad_ST is smart locks guest access available in the UK?

is that link for me to buy another app for it ?

my previous post was asking a ST staff member if that app is available to users in the UK. I lost track of what apps are available where.

There is a commercial app you can purchase from @rboy if you want to look at it and make a decision

sorry im not buying another App - why did i buy this for !
Please do not send buying app link - if your about to sell somethings !