Scenes triggered from Google randomly fail to turn off certain devices in that Scene

For the past couple of weeks, when triggering a Scene via Google Home such as “Activate exit pool mode”, SmartThings gets the message, and runs part of the Scene, but “forgets” certain devices.


  • 3 of 4 lights are turned off, but 1 is missed
  • A different time 2 different lights work, but 2 different ones don’t
  • Running the scene again in the exact same way triggers the forgotten devices
  • Conclusion: I sometimes have to run a Scene twice for it to work fully

There’s no reason for this. All devices are well within range and trigger just fine normally. But I should not have to run a Scene twice to get it to do 100% of its job, should I?

Any ideas @Lars?

Thank you.

I was hoping a mesh network would mean flawless reliability, but I recently started seeing strange behavior, like a button remote triggering an action when I wasn’t home, and my porch light coming on at 1% and then turning off. Shades of my decades old X10 system…

Are you using ZWave?

Yes I’m using Z-Wave.

I am on the voice team so scene failures are not really my area, but if you send an email
to with the scene, what device didn’t actuate properly and at what time that will start the investigation. Also, you will get a case number back, PM that to me and I’ll bring it to the right team.