Can no longer activate scenes from google

Can no longer activate scenes from google ever since the update from a few days ago. Got the email that smartthings was doing a firmware update. Ever since I can no longer activate scenes using Google Home. Keep getting that the command is not valid for Google Duo (?). Tried disconnecting smartthings from google and Readding, but no luck and now just get the response of “sorry I don’t understand”. I have a v2 hub.

My scenes still run fine via Google Home. Maybe try creating a new scene and see if that one runs?

v2 / fw 32.00012

Hi Bryan. I tried your suggestions and created a new scene “test”, added a single light switch (zwave) and … “sorry, I don’t understand” was google’s response. I can ask google to turn lights on/off, no issue. But Google just will not do scenes anymore.

Google Home shows as no scenes available (grayed out and help bubble says scenes are provided by 3rd party apps…clicking on it takes me to the apps, of which Smartthings is listed/active).

Google can see the devices, just not the scenes.

Removed and reconnected smartthings within google home. Didn’t work. Tried telling google to “sync my lights”. Didn’t work. Tried creating simple scene. Didn’t work. Grrrrrr

That’s interesting. None of my scenes have been added Google Home Routines. I can go through the steps to add them and they are all selectable, but they run via GH voice without adding them. They just always have.

I’m having the exact same issue. I can no longer run SmartThings scenes from Google Home. I used to have scenes executed by Google Home routines and they suddenly stopped working. The Google Home app no longer even shows any SmartThings routines anymore.