Scene to turn all lights off at night


I have a scene created in the new SmartThings app. It turns off all selected devices and changes mode to Night.
The action chosen on the decices is specifically “Turn off”.

However, every now and again, too often, it will turn one or more random lights on instead of off. It can be lights that have been off for a long time as well. So there´s no “have you just turned that light off manually so that the status in the hub is wrong” or something like that.

sometimes “Turn off” will turn lights on instead.
Does anyone else experience this and does anyone have a possible solution?

There are only 19 devices handled in the scene.

I haven’t seen that but I have seen scenes with large number of devices fall.

Some time back I was trying to use a scene to turn off about 20 Z-wave switches and dimmers. In my case, it was randomly missing one or two nearly every time.

I ended up breaking the single scene into four scenes by room (“living room lights out”, “dining room lights out”, etc).

I then created an Alexa routine that I could invoke by saying “lights out”. The routine stepped thru each of the four scenes I had created with a 5 second wait between them. And, for good measure, then did the same thing a second time.

I’ve since added more devices, both Zigbee and Z-wave and this continues to work well.

There are guardrails in the system to prevent issues, one of those are the number of actions in a single automation. Its somewhere around 150 if im not mistaken. Over that and all bets are off. Weirdbess may happen. If you’re anywhere near that break it up somehow.

That said, ST works better if you think in entire rooms. Why not have a vacant scene for every room abd whenever that room becomes vacant call the vacant scene. Of youre trying to lights out call ALL of your vacant scenes. Its a lilbit more complicated to trigger but in the long run much more flexibile.

Thank you for your replies nathancu and HalD!
There are only 19 devices in the scene, but I will try out your suggestions. Thanks again! :slight_smile: