Scenes Perform inconsistent actions

I’ve created a scene to dim light to different levels.
ligth1: 40%
ligth2: 50%
ligth3: 100%

When the scene is executed, it performs inconsistent action:
try_1 try_2 try_3
ligth1: 40% 40% 99%
ligth2: 50% 99% 50%
ligth3: 100% 100% 10?

I’m using a Hubv2 with Leviton DZ1KD Z-Wave dimmer.
There are no other smartapps running to make sure nothing is in conflict…

My device works normally if I send individual “Dim level” or with any other routine or smartapps.

Only the scenes don’t work properly.

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I’ve check the log on my device and when a scene is execute there is always 2 commands sent to my device:

Date Source Type Name Value User Displayed Text
2017-12-30 5:26:57.158 PM EST
moments ago DEVICE level 50 Sink level is 50
2017-12-30 5:26:27.091 PM EST
moments ago DEVICE level 99 Sink level is 99

I’ve found the problem…

When a dim light is added to a scene, it adds an on/off status and I add a brightness setting to dim light.

My dimmer don’t seem to need an on/off cmd (that was the 99% in the log)

only a brightness level.

Very good analysis and I think you have determined the root cause.

I use Z-Wave dimmers and also experience inconsistent results from my Scenes… sometimes.

One characteristic of my dimmers is that if they are rapidly switched off and on, they will “forget” their proper dim level and come on at some random level… well; that’s because they fade on and fade off, and if interrupted during this fade on or fade off the preset level is lost.

I think this is most likely the problem caused with the implementation of Scenes: The dimmer is turned on while it is still brightening or vice versa. “Race condition”?

I don’t know if SmartThings will find an “easy” solution for this; i.e., it should be made an option in Scenes as to whether or not a scene item needs and “on/off” in addition to “setLevel” or not.

Sound right?