Dimmers in scenes acting up (April 2022)

Hub V2 running 0.42.7 firmware.

I’m suddenly having scenes that include dimmers not working correctly.

The app reports “[scene-name] ran, but some devices didn’t work” followed by a list of devices. It’s always dimmers that fail but it’s not always all of the dimmers in the scene. Controlling the same dimmer(s) individually works without any issues.

Tried editing a scene, thought I’d remove and re-add the dimmers. When trying to save the scene it says “There was a problem connecting, try again later” and save does not complete.

Rebooted the hub via the IDE, problem persists.

status.smartthinhs.com only lists a resolved incident involving cameras today.

Edit: seems to be any kind of dimmer. It’s happened to Z-wave dimmers, dimmable ZigBee bulbs, and even a virtual dimmer.

Replyng to self.

And … now there’s an open incident on status.SmartThings.com

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