Automation Issues with Lutron Caseta Switches

I have two automations setup to activate a scene in certain rooms each morning. There have been some mornings that a particular Lutron Caseta Dimmer switch turned on, but was not set to the specified dimmer level that the scene should have set.

For example, a switch that is set to turn on at 100% was set a dimmed level this morning, the opposite occurred in another room several days ago, in that scenario it is a room that I manually turn on and off the switch periodically when entering that room outside of the automation times. It is like the automation isn’t running the scene settings? I can look at the history and see where the lights turned on and the scene said it was activated, however, the light certainly wasn’t set to what I specified in the scene? Any input with why these inconsistent settings would occur?

That’s an officially supported device and scenes are one of the official features, so I would contact support and see what they say. :sunglasses:

I did contact Samsung Support, basically they said the app is new and still some bugs being worked out, suggested I rebuild the scene and automation and if the issue continues to contact them. Using the Lutron Dimmer switches independently should not have any effect not the automations.

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Has anyone had this issue I initially posted? I am still having this issue and support really didn’t have any answer as to why I am seeing the inconsistent settings on my automations.

You may want to try powering off your lutron bridge for a few seconds and then powering it back on :slight_smile: may help or may not


Thanks for your suggestion —- I’ll try anything. It’s been a strange thing since I’ve setup my SmartThings.

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