Automatons with Dimmers in New ST

Is anyone else having odd results using dimmers in scenes and automatons in New ST? The dimmer(s) will turn on, but, the % brightness (level) is not consistent when executed even though they have a set value. I may have to execute a scene/automaton two or three times to get the dimmer to go to the set level.

This issue started after migration. I’m using GE and Leviton plugin dimmers. I have been using them for a few years with no issues in ST Classic. I tried Smart Lighting with the same result.

I decided to setup the same scene in webCoRE and it works perfectly. Since migration I have been trying to just use ST for automaton so this is frustrating even though I found a work-around.

I have this same problem. It mostly happens when the light is already on but does happen when the light is off to start too. The dimmer level is either what I want or sometimes gets set to 100% brightness regardless of what I set.

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Exactly. I’ve decided it’s not the dimmers themselves, but I’m curios if your’s are the same type/brand…

I’ve noticed it on these:

I also have these but they are not on schedules or automations that dim.

Also on Zooz and Jasco. It’s been happening from before migration using webcore. I implemented extra logic if light is on and level is different than (var) level then set level to (var) level. It works but with delay.

I never had a problem before migration. I do have some routines that use WebCoRE but the routines with the brightness issue are all Smartthings.

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@Brad_ST, any ideas on this? It’s 50/50 if dimmer levels are set correctly on the first execution of a scene or automaton (I have tried both with the same results). A second execution immediately after seems to set dimmers at the desired level(s).

If I set pistons in webCoRE to perform the same automation it works correctly 100% of the time. I’m hesitant to use webCoRE for my automatons because I’m seeing where it may be going away…?