Scene turning on incorrect lights

I’m having issues with simple scenes consistently not turning on the correct lights. Example: I have 4 sengland zwave bulbs in every room. I have a scene to turn out 2 bulbs for a room at 1% dim and 2700 lumens. HOWEVER, the scene consistently turns on all the lights in that room. 2 set at what the scene says, the other 2 turned on with the settings from the night before.

I’ve tried adding a section that turns off those unwanted lights, doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas? Seems to do it on a room by room bases.

Edit: I said routine, meant scene

Routines are basically dead at this point, are you talking about automations? Smart Lighting? Etc.?

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Sorry, meant smartthings scenes… (damn it)

Can you post the scene screenshots and the IDE logs for engaging the scene please? Without that I can’t really assist.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. Hopefully we can help you figure it out. :sunglasses:

Sengled makes Zigbee bulbs, not zwave. Could you check again and let us know the brand and model of the bulbs? (First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“)

Also, what model hub do you have?

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Strike 2! Clearly didn’t have my coffee before creating the post! Yes, they are zigbee. Lights are the BR30 E26 Multicolor Bulb. Using smartthings 3rd gen hub

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No problem, we’ve all done it. :sunglasses:

OK, next question. What are the fixtures like. Are all four bulbs in one fixture? Are they in different lamps? If you can post a picture, that would be great.

What happens if the bulbs are off and you use a scene which just turns on the two to full brightness? That is you don’t even include the other two in the scene.

(What we’re looking for here is whether there’s a hardware issue with “bleedover” Trickle current to other bulbs in the same fixture.)

They are in recessed lighting, individually… they are roughly 6 feet apart from each other. I can turn them of and on individually and have no bleed. But when the lights are off (switched off via alexa/google assistant/smartthings) then turned on via scene, they will also turn on the other lights in that room (room designated via smartthings), even though they are not included in the scene…

Hope that was followable lol

Definitely sounds weird, and not something that has been commonly reported.

Hmmm… If I were working on it, I think my next step would be to create a scene as I mentioned that doesn’t have the problematic devices in it and see if that works.

If it does, I would then create a second scene for the settings for the ones that you want to be different.

And if that works, I would then create an automation to activate those two scenes.

In other words, maybe splitting them out into different scenes would help. But it’s just a trial and error thing at This point and I don’t know if you want to go to that much trouble. You could just report it as a bug through one of the official support channels.