Scene issue when setting dimmers

This week I have found that lighting scenes that set a dimmer on 1 or more of the devices, will cause the non-dimmable devices to not fire.

As an example, if I set up a scene that has dimmable bulbs (zigbee), dimmable outlets (z wave), and on/off switches (GE z wave wall toggle), and do not set dimmer levels on any of the dimmable devices, everything turns on as expected (of course at the previous dimmer levels). The moment I change any of the dimmable devices to a dimmer setting, none of the non-dimmable (in this case the GE Z Wave switches) will fire. When I disable the dimmer setting for the device(s) in the scene, the switches work again.

These scenes worked fine until this week when I had to re-add one of my switches that was not cooperating. However, this issue exists on any combination of my switches and dimmable devices.

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yup, i’m seeing the same thing.


I’m having same issue. Started Sunday Oct 7. Interestingly, the non-dimming devices will turn off when the scene contains dimmed devices, they just don’t turn on if the scene contains any dimmed devices.

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I’m having a lot of troubles with this current update: button assignments have disappeared, Automations retain phantom settings even after being changed, and dimming power doesn’t change, sometimes color doesn’t. Sometimes scenes just don’t run… Plus my favorites and layout keep getting forgotten each time I open the app. Really lame backwards step.

I am having similar issues. The lights in my scenes are not getting set to the proper dimming levels. They were working fine until recently and now some lights are left at the dim level they were last set at.

Plus, our apps are constantly logging out which then causes our screen layouts to be rearranged.

I just received a reply from Smartthings support. They suggested I delete the scenes and re-enter them - very frustrating since they have no idea why the scene stopped dimming. Who knows when this will happen again and this re-work is totally unacceptable.

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