Samsung Z-wave locks

Hi all,

I tried to look for an app or any information on the forum regarding the integration with Samsung SHS-P718 or 728 locks but could not find any.

Apparently Homey does have an integration with those locks but SmartThings does not. How is this possible? Has anyone got any success integrating them?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think those models are z-wave. here’s the z-wave models

So then how are Homey connecting to them?

I am pretty new to the smartthings world. Here is how Homey have done it. Do you think it would be possible to connect to smartthings in the same way?

They are different model numbers

They’ll work if they have the right Z wave module inside them. The EU and the US use different frequencies for their Z wave radios in order to avoid interference with local first responder communications. So if you have a European frequency lock it could talk to an EU Homey hub, but not a US smartthings hub.

If both the lock and the hub are using the same Z wave frequency, it should work and there are some community members who have it.

The Z wave module is optional, so if you got a lock that doesn’t have one, you would need to buy that separately. And as @prjct92eh2 Mentioned, the model number matters.

See the following thread. Although the topic title discusses a different model, the thread itself discusses the model that you mentioned.

Samsung SHS H505 Door lock

Many people end up paying an additional fee to get access to @rboy ‘s code library (it is a one time fee that gives you access to everything in that library, including the lock code) and it also supports those locks. But again you have to have the right RF module in the lock itself. Rboy’s code generally supports all the features of a device, including advanced features which are not supported by the basic smartthings integration. :sunglasses:

@JDRoberts thank you very much for the detailed explanation. It is much appreciated.

Do you know how hard it is to add the z-wave module to the lock? And where can I get one from?

What country do you live in? And what’s the exact model number of the lock?

It’s an add-on board/chip to insert near the battery compartment, and it would work with ST (make sure they are the same Z-wave frequency).

Try asking the seller whether they sell the z-wave module?

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So I finally got the SHP-DP609 installed.

I have the Z-Wave module (according to the seller it is set to EU frequency, same as my Hub).
However, I am not sure how to install it. I mount it in the compartment below the batteries but then the ST does not detect it. I try to initiate the registration of a WiFi module from the lock itself but the lock says it can’t find any wifi module installed.

As soon as I see it connected, I will probably get the @RBoy handler, but still … any of you guys have an idea what am I missing? Any specific installation/setup? @JDRoberts @hongtat @prjct92eh2 ?

Thanks in advance!

Did you try a zwave exclusion? If you’re using and custom DTH, save and re-publish them.