Samsung SMART Home?

I can’t find any Samsung z-wave lock but a Singapore company recently announce they are selling Samsung smart lock with z-wave enabled module.

Why can’t Samsung just release their own true z-wave lock?

A little side note to smart lock enthusiasts: By default, the Samsung SHS-DP728, SHP-DP727, and SHS-H505 don’t support Z-Wave. Hanman has actually created a Z-Wave module (approved by Samsung, I’m told) to be inserted into the locks. This is what gives you the ability to remotely unlock the doors. Hanman says it’ll be selling this S$90 module separately in the near future.

The company is selling a z-wave plus hub and based on the information from their website, they are using Samsung Smart Home technology?

But it’s not SmartThings :thinking:

Yes. The seller that I purchased my P728 smart lock from is selling the Z-wave module too (and “smart” home using vera) but they don’t do the “programming”.

Z wave frequency in South Korea is different than that in the EU or in the US. Or for that matter from Japan and Singapore.

Samsung SDS has had a zwave DIY security system certified for sale in Korea for a couple of years, but not in the US. Nothing to do with SmartThings, it’s out of a completely different division.

They’ve also had a really nice line of smart locks that were for sale in Asia only and only recently became available with a Z wave option .

It’s all nice stuff, but for multiple reasons it’s not likely to be available in the US frequency anytime soon.

Yes, I’m aware about the existing South Korea z-wave frequency Samsung lock, but apparently they make it available for EU Z-Wave (868.42 MHZ) based on the company website.

@hongtat, same company we are talking about?

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The z-wave frequency seems to be wrong for Singapore. Almost all brand of z-wave hub sold here following EU frequency.

Result from Google.

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