Samsung Doorlock SHP-DP920 or DP728

(Chris Corcino) #1

Has anyone integrated these devices with Smartthings? Are they compatible in the US?

I am considering ordering one of them for my door.


(Ben) #2

These Locks do not support Z-wave nor ZigBee. On their website it says they are bluetooth, pretty sure that you cant conect directly to these locks through Smartthings. Sorry :frowning:

(Chris Corcino) #3

I think they do support Z-Wave, it is on the manual. That is why I was wondering if someone is using it.


(Glen King) #4

Gotta say, I’m souring on Samsung as a company. Clearly as an ST user I have a vested interest in their continuity, but frankly their customer service sucks at every level.

Just last month I had an amazing customer service experience with another company**. I called them to purchase a replacement for a part that died after a decade of good service, long after the warranty expired. Know what they did? They sent it to me FOR FREE. At their insistence! I installed it, and the item is now good as new.

Then yesterday I do an online chat with Samsung. Wife has one of their smart watches, and the charger refuses to clip into the back so it will not charge. Been like that a few months. Turns out this is a known, widespread problem… clearly a DESIGN problem. I contact Samsung to get them to replace it. They insist that because the watch is out of warranty for two weeks, they cannot replace the part and I have to purchase it. When I try to politely insist, the chat guy ENDS THE SESSION. Just drops me.

I’m thankful that the new TV I purchased last weekend is not Samsung.
And I hope that Samsung spins off SmartThings, and a decent company picks it up.

**Definitive Technologies. They make awesome gear, and they stand behind it.


So these locks do seem to be Z-Wave but it appears that they are only certified in South Korea. South Korea’s Z-Wave frequency is different than the US or UK so SmartThings would not work with them.

(Weilin Tan) #6

You may get the additional Z-wave module from another company which Samsung SDS do not have it. And the door lock must be DP728 and upgraded for its compatibility.

(Augusto Geovanny Martínez Cortés) #7

Any luck using this kind of doorlock?