Link samsung door lock is it possible?

I bought this SAMSUNG DIGITAL DOOR LOCK SHP-DH520 from ebay,

it says that it has bluetooth, but then i did some research and some manuals mention that it has Zwave

My question is, is it possible to link it with smartthings? And control the lock from smartthings??
The lock is not on the official list

This lock uses the Korean Z-Wave frequency. SmartThings currently only sells hubs using the US or UK frequency. So they will not work together.

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that’s the SHP-DH520K

mine is SHP-DH520

is it the same?

Unfortunately, everything I see on that lock only shows it available using the Korean Z-Wave frequency. If you already have the lock you can see if it pairs as a Thing, but I’ve not seen a UK or US version of it.

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ok thanks for letting me know