Samsung Washers & Dryers on Sale at Home Depot & Best Buy

Deal of the Day - January 3, 2019

I would never buy a Samsung washer because of this.

I was just gonna say the same thing. Wouldn’t touch Samsung appliances at this point.

Must be the newer Samsung washers, I have a 10 year old Samsung front loader that has not given me any issues.

I read through some of the comments for the video and get the impression lots of washers have similar issues but samsung’s mechanical design has weakness. Several appliance repairmen commented about using the cleaning cycle with vinegar regularly and using quality HE detergent, sparingly. I have no background to the validity of any of the claims, YMMV.

I just have a ‘dumb’ top load samsung washer/dryer set and don’t like them for 2 reasons: washer leaves lint on dark clothes, dryer lint trap makes a mess when I clean it out. That reminds me I need to clean the duct.