Samsung Top Load Washer Recall

Just a heads up if anyone is interested. This does affect my washer I bought last year. Seems to be all top load washers manufactured in the last 5 years. Apparently during the spin cycle the top can fly off.

Samsung has had a rough year.


Just a note: the officially integrated Samsung washers are all front loaders and are not a part of this recall.

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My washer (top loader) and 1.5 year old is affected as well. But which of the front loader works together with Smartthings? Any experiences on this. If I replace my washer I want to buy a new one which is compatible with Smartthings.


I believe you have to buy the Samsung Smart Home Adapter. It is only compatible with the following Samsung products.

WF7500/WF6500/WF6200 series AddWash™ Front Load Washers, DV6200/DV6500/DV50K7500 series Gas Dryers and DV6200/DV6500/DV50K7500 series Electric Dryers.

So the information above is incomplete. The officially supported SmartThings washers are:

WF50K7500AW or WF50K7500AV AddWash 5.0 cu.
WF45K6500AV or WF45K6200AZ AddWash 4.5 cu.
WF457ARGSGR or WF457ARGSWR LCD 4.5 cu.

See supported appliances here

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First thank for the information. Yes, that’s what I also found but for me it looks the information are incomplete. Unfortunately Samsung doesn’t show any information on their applicable appliances sites.
For me it looks like these washers don’t need the “Smart Home adapter”?
I decided yesterday to exchange my old (1.5 year old) washer. Now I’m looking if one of them I would like to buy is compatible with Smart Things.

Did you decide what you want to do?


Unfortunately not yet. Not sure if I want to spend $200+ to replace my year old washer.

That’s true, but on the other hand it’s ridiculous what they call to repair it through an technician. What is the guy doing? I have to install a new panel foil and two warning stickers. That’s it. In my opinion not an appropriate repair. Or is the technician doing more? I don’t know. :confused:

I just got this recall letter also. Gonna call them tomorrow. How much is their rebate?

What did you end up doing?

You can find out the rebate amount by entering your serial number here. Each model is a different amount.

I’m leaning towards using the rebate.

I just bought a new washer and sent the form with all the necessary information to Samsung. I wasn’t fine with only getting a few sticker for my “old” washer. Just 1.5 years old.

As @jhamstead wrote that depends on your current washer and how old it is.

Had a chance to call today. I think my washer is a hair over 2 years old. They said they’ll give me $345 or $445 f I buy another samsung. I also had a 5 yr warranty on it through Best Buy. Wonder if they’ll pro rate that ~3 yrs and apply it towards a new one? I’ll call them tomorrow.

That sounds interesting. Please let me know what they said to the Best Buy 3 yrs warranty plan and what’s your decision.

I now changed to a front loader and I love the washer and tomorrow I will get the Smart Home Adapter. Will see what I can do with it in combination with Smartthings :grinning:

Did you end up getting your washer setup on the hub??

Yes, I connected the washer to the hub and it works like a charme.