Samsung Washer

Purchased a Samsung WF45K6500AV clothes washer about a month ago also bought the connection stick for the Smarthings app. I have not been able to connect the washer to my app, the app does find the washer on the network, i go thru the steps on screen go into my Samsung account then it gets to 34% and never completes. I have tried rebooting router, reinstalling the app, resetting WiFi on washer, changing setting on my phone and all to no avail. I have contacted Samsung support and they have been of no help

Was wondering if anyone has any additional suggestions, i’m using android phone 9. I also bought a Samsung dryer at same time and it connected the first time i tried so I dont think there is an issue with my phone or WiFi and i have also tried swapping the connection stick from the dryer to washer…same thing, washer will only connect to 34% then never finishes


Do you have a Samsung Account and are you using the new app?

Yes, i do and am using new app

I would email and get a ticket started or call into support using the number on this page

Thank you, I actually did have a ticket open. Tried connecting the app to the washer one more time today and it finally connected, not sure what I did differently but seems ok now.