Need help connecting my Samsung washer machine (support has not been able to help)

I’m reaching out to every person in the community for help connecting my Samsung washer to my smartthings ( and yes it’s one of the washers that has a smart connection built into it ). Am very frustrated… Have been trying for 3 weeks to work with Samsung on this issue but it’s no help. Tired of dealing with rude costumer service people who don’t know anything about smartthings but are trying to trouble shoot people through connecting smartthings devices. My issue is I try adding the device through my smartthings app and I get through 98% paired when smartthings tells me it can’t connect to Samsung account or I have internet loss. It’s not my internet. Has anyone had this problem??? And can someone help me with this??

I have. You need to make sure your location is set as default. You need to use the new app. Just be forewarned, something broke about a month ago, it no longer works well with automations. I too have contacted support and they were less than helpful.

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If it’s anything like my “smart” LG washer, it will only connect to the 2.4g band. So if you have a dual band router, disable the 5ghz band in the router settings until you get the washer paired. Then you can re-enable it. I had to do this even though my 2.4 and 5 bands have different ssids.

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I too have tried dozens of times and after it connected once, disconnected within a few minutes…now it never reconnects or allows the setup to work.

There is a support thread on Samsung’s site where a lot of people are having the same issue. Various WiFi hoops and hurdles help some but most of us seem stuck.

Amazing how the only devices I can’t connect to SmartThings are from Samsung…washer, dryer, dishwasher.

I’m working with support, however they’re going down a rabbit hole asking what version of iOS I have and version of phone I have. Hopefully someone with knowledge will eventually help.

Had Samsung’s factory rep out at my house last night trying to connect my washer. They were unable to connect it. Rep turned to me and told me to buy another brand if I wanted to be able to work it on phone. Told Lowe’s this and they are returning my washer for an LG. Have been talking to workers in appliance departments at Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Home Depot an all of them have told me that Samsung appliances have the most problems out of all the brands. And customers have been complaining about the repair services and customer service. I’m pretty sure I’m done with Samsung from now on.

I’ve just been doing a smartthings install at my new house, and was having this problem also.

I could get neither the washer nor the dryer to connect to smartthings using my iPhone. However, after much frustration, I used my iPad Pro, it worked first time, with both devices.

I thought it worthy of noting in this thread if anybody else is experiencing this same issue.

Have you found any solution, Samsung support seems to be pretty much useless. They just keep reading the script

I’ve been waiting 6 months for a solution. What a waste of money paying extra for feature that doesn’t work. Support are so slow to respond, i have done everything they have asked for.

I am wondering if there are multiple people in the similar situation ,may be we should team up and file a law suit about selling a product that does not work

I am in the same boat. I have been trying to get this fixed for 6 months as. They just replaced the washer and I am still having the same problem. I think a class action is the only thing that will get samsung to take action and fix the problem.

I added WiFi mesh access points in my house and one in the laundry room. Now the washer and dryer connected on the first try so my suggestion is get your WiFi closer. It doesn’t make sense as my main router is just another 15 feet away but after trying a zillion things, this one worked for me.

Try to disable 5Ghz on your router then add the washer. Worked for me.

I, too, had trouble connecting my new Samsung washer to the SmartThings app. I did extensive trial and error efforts, only to get it to reach 99% registering the washer to my SmartThings account and then it would time out. After much research on the web, I finally swerved into a solution that worked. I have not seen this documented anywhere in this forum, nor in any post from the Samsung company. It seems that the SmartThings app (I have an iPhone) will not successfully register your appliance if your Wi-Fi network password is longer than 8 characters. Mine formerly had 16 characters and it never registered successfully. After changing to an 8-characer password, then resetting the Wi-Fi settings on the washer, and ‘forgetting’ the network in IOS 14, I started the registration/connecting process over from the beginning. It worked flawlessly the first time! I did the same for my Samsung dryer and my Samsung range - all connected the first time and registered successfully. I hope this helps you get your appliances/devices successfully connected and registered in the SmartThings app!

I had the same issue and figured it out. If you appliance was connected and is not now and you can’t get it reconnected do the following:

Go to SmartThing app, click your smart hub. Make sure Secure Mode is toggled off. That’s it!

If you click the question mark for Secure Mode it tells you that any device that was disconnected will NOT be able to reconnect with this on!

Now that is stupid right there!