Samsung VR7000M Powerbot


I am unable to issue commands to my Samsung VR7000M Powerbot (VR20M707PWD/GE) using the smartthings api. I am trying to start the robot using the commands setRobotCleanerMovement and setRobotCleanerCleaningMode. Testing the commands in Postman I receive a 200 OK but when I check the device status there’s an error code 415 with for example the text “cleaning is not available to this Robot Cleaner Movement”. As the two commands are listed in the smartthings api reference with status “proposed” I assume that they are not implemented yet? On the other hand I found this thread with someone successfully controlling their POWERbot R7070 using the api. So are these commands just unimplemented in the VR7000M? Are they planned to be implemented? Is there any firmware update or something else I need to do? Even more confusing is that I can control the robot just fine using the Smartthings app, how does that work? Does it skip using the api or something?

Here’s the url I use in postman:

POST body:
“commands”: [{
“component”: “main”,
“capability”: “robotCleanerMovement”,
“command”: “setRobotCleanerMovement”,
“arguments”: [“cleaning”]