Samsung robotic app

Does anyone know of an app for Samsung robotic vacuums inside smart things?

What app are you thinking of? They just work with the new SmartThings app.

One that shows the percentage of the battery and possibly how long you’ll take to charge. I think my battery might be faulty in my r7070.
Can’t find a replacement for a decent price brand new. Don’t know where I can get it rebuilt locally.

Unfortunately this what the app gives:

Mine is fully charged at the moment so I cannot tell how is it shows charging else way.

Is there any custom app. Maybe a third party.

Nope, as I am aware of. Stock Samsung app.

@GSzabados do you know if I can control the vacuum (vr9300) through automation? I can’t find it on my devices list when I’m in the Automation’s Then section.

@Skowron, I have one of the POWERbot Robot vacuums and it does show up for Automatons. These are the possible actions:

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I can’t see it. Do you have a custom DHT? How is it defined in the Groovy IDE?

Thank you for helping!

@Skowron, it is defined as Samsung OCF Robot Vacuum in the IDE.

I am not really surprised about your issue. A few months ago we had a guy who wanted to automate his washing machine. My machine and his weren’t showing up as controllable in automations meanwhile some others were from the US market controllable.

I cannot believe that a modern robotic vacuum cleaner cannot be automated for basic functions.

Tagging @blake.arnold, as this is again a narrow sighted solutions for these products.

Actually that was the only reason I’ve picked powerbot over other vacuum. If there’s nothing I can do with it I’m going to return it to the shop.

Imagine the same issue with a washing machine. :wink:

I understand your disappointment. It is definitely Samsung’s product management.