Can't use robot vacuum (powerbot 9350) in automations

I have powerbot R9350 and in previous smartthings versions I could automate the vacuum to start and return to charger but now I cant do anything with it out side of the schedule section with in the remote of the vacuum.
Doesnt even apear as “controllable” device in “then” part

what gives?

yup, they removed it a while ago :angry:

Any reason why?

nothing official was provided

Any updates here? Is there any other vacuum on the market which can be controlled through Automations or webcore?

not that i know of…

I use the Samsung PowerBot R7070 and can use Automations to control it. I was puzzled with the post above stating people could not so I created some Automations to make sure. Normally I just use the built-in scheduler that is in the device tile.

I’m not sure if this is region controlled or not but I am in US.

What if I want to have it clean when everyone leaves?
Can’t do that with the poorly baked in time schedule such sloppy cheap and shitty move from Samsung/ SmartThings

Mines is offline (busted wheel) but it looks like it might be under the Home Care Wizard…At least that’s what populated when I migrated.