Samsung v2 hub with new WiFi router

So I am at my wit’s end. I bought a new WiFi router to replace the one Charter supplied. According to Samsung I go into the app and pick settings and tell it to update WiFi information. There is nothing in the classic app that I can find like this but there is something in the new app but all it shows is my Samsung TV.

What am I missing?

The V2 hub doesn’t have wifi. It is ethernet only.


Thank you for the reply. My hub is wired via Ethernet. The LED on the front is solid blue meaning it can’t get an IP address. You are saying the instructions I read are for the v3 hub?
How should I proceed to get this darn LED to turn green?

Since you have a new router setup, I would start by checking your connections. You could also swap the ports for the Ethernet cord with a known working device. Also check the ports listed on the SmartThings support make sure they are open.


What is your network setup? Do you have any switches? If you aren’t using a modem/router combo, you can narrow down the issue but testing plugging the hub directly into your modem to see if you get a green LED.


THAT WAS IT!! Thank you. I moved the Ethernet cable to a different port and all is well. I am too excited to care why a different port was the answer.

Thanks again!!