Change Wi-Fi Network of Samsung SmartThings Hub v2

It appears that the Blue Button for changing the Wi-Fi Network Connection of a Samsung SmartThings Hub, well, no longer appears in the current version of the SmartThings App :wink:

QUESTION: Is there a more elegant way to change the Wi-Fi Network on a Samsung SmartThings v2 and v3 Hub (than the additional Reset Button method outlined below) ?

Well, that didn’t work on my v2 Hub STH-ETH-250 :frowning:

As noted in Step #9, these steps were written for the v3 Hub (IM6001-V3P).

Does anyone have any recommendations to change the Wi-Fi that my version 2 Hub is connected to?

v2 hubs only use an ethernet port. wifi was not introduced until the v3 model was released. (only referring to the hubs only and not Samsung Connect or hubs with wifi mesh with plume.)


As @jkp notes, the STH-ETH-250 (that’s a V2 hub) doesn’t have a WiFi radio. It can only connect via ethernet cable. So whatever router you cable it to is the Internet it will use.


@jkp and @JDRoberts

Ahhhh… thank you both !

How embarrassing :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: It’s been so long since I installed that v2 Hub, I completely forgot that it didn’t have Wi-Fi.


Thats available in my v2 , does the wifi version also have it



As noted in prior comments, SmartThings Hub v2 (STH-ETH-250) doesn’t have a Wi-Fi Connection to LAN.

That was added in SmartThings Hub v3 (im6001-v3p).

To enter Learn Mode in my v2 Hub:

  1. Hub Device Card
  2. 3 Dots Menu
  3. Settings
  4. Z-Wave Utilities
  5. Learn Mode

Tried the same steps in my v3 Hub:

  • However, Learn Mode is not shown under Step #4 above Z-Wave Utilities.

Which brings up a question: How do you place the v3 Hub in Learn Mode?

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Or why put it on a V2

Is it about joining another “Z-Wave” Network (as it’s found under Z-Wave Utilities) ???

The “learn” function is so that a smartthings hub can join another existing zwave Network in the role of a secondary controller. It doesn’t have anything to do with Wi-Fi networks, one way or the other.

The functionality is required by the third-party standard for any certified controller, but it doesn’t work very well with smartthings and only a few people use it for some specialty situations.

Here’s the support article:


Like most of the app, it needs better wording, warnings and an on screen explanation of its purpose

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