Samsung TVs and detecting Turning On & Off

Hi all

I have been trying to communicate On/Off events on my 2x Samsung TVs on the STT platform this weekend without success.
The TVs can be managed, volume, change input etc via the STT App and can be put into Standby.
But I want to set an associated Virtual Switch to depict when a TV is On & Off.
I used the Smart Lighting SmartApp to set the Virtual Switch when the Samsung device ‘Switch’ turns On & Off.
But nothing happens. I tried in webCoRE also without success.
The TVs are seen as placeholder devices -

Does anyone have any suggestions please on get this simple scenario working?

Try using a non-Groovy smartapp like the Automation creator or Rules API instead.

Thanks, when you say Automation Creator, do you mean the Automations in the new platform?


I have found that changes in the ST platform have “ruined” the status of TV’s.
I used to detect the state with a piston and control my heater but in the last few months the TV goes “offline” when it’s turned off. It’s still in standby like it was before so it should not report this as offline.
I changed the piston test to detect offline instead of online as “online” is now screwed up as well; it gives you information about the mode of the TV and it’s current use.

Thanks, given the referral to a piston I am assuming you are using webCoRE?
Can you share the example of detecting offline please?

Thanks @Automated_House
I have created 2 automations, one for TV on & one for TV off.
They dont seem to trigger…I wander why…

is your TV connected via Wifi or Ethernet?

I have two automations to turn a subwoofer outlet on/off based on TV on/off and it seems to work reasonably well

Both are hard-wired via Ethernet and logged into my Samsung account

so the ethernet could be your problem. Some functions (like voice control via Alexa/Google Home) only works properly if the TV is connected via wifi. Might be worth trying one connected via Wifi only to see if it helps.

Hi again
Either Wired or Wireless doesnt affect this Im afraid

Here’s my Rec Room piston that controls the heater when the TV is on.

Any way to get the current input source from the TV? I see it in the new ST app but it doesn’t appear to be one of the current states in the api

Thanks for publishing your piston

I will write a piston to trap changes to the TVs $status and see what happens ty