Samsung 2017 series 6 tv on/off virtual switch in IDE?

So, read many many topics relating to the lack of Samsung tv’s being able to connect to ST. I, like many, bought a new 58" for myself for Christmas and did so with a Samsung thinking they would have ease of integration for a smart home. This was actually the 1st part of what I was hoping to have a a smart home. I have an amazon dot, 2 google minis. I also have a ST hub, an Iris garage door opener and a google chromecast ultra. The chromecast turns on the tv when I vocally say “hey google, turn on master bedroom tv”. It will not however turn it off. My Alexa use to turn it off but will not do that anymore. Today, I installed my Iris garage door opener. I wanted to be able to use my voice with that and learned I needed a Device Handler for that. I bought a DH from RBoy apps and BAM! now I can open/close my garage door with that. That got me thinking. I am over the ST’s really working with my tv because from what I read, Samsung is way behind on getting all of this to work together and having 3rd party stuff work is hit miss. So…long story longer…Can a Samsung tv, that is on the same network, be simply controlled on/off by being made a switch or some other type in the IDE area? Just being able to walk out the door and be able to vocally tell it to turn off is a huge step. It is really nice to be able to turn it on when walking into the room. Although not asking (would be nice but realize that is a ton of work) for volume, channel, input, etc., simple on/off capability through a switch? I tried to make something with the general “default” Samsung smart tv item, but didn’t work. So could a guy just use a switch of sorts and have it do it? I am extremely new to this stuff and barely learned any of that lingo/jargon so go easy on me :slight_smile:

Yes, but you could save a ton of tizen by purchasing a harmony smart hub for $75.

I got my hub in december, it would not recognize my samsung tv. Suddenly a week ago after an update my TV is popping up in the device list and I can switch in on and off; I even see these events in the log to build smartapps on. So it is possible. And oh for crying out loud put stuff in some kind of release notes so that I can see things coming as a developer!

Me: "hmm a tv in the device list? is it mine? lets switch it off and see what happens!"
Girlfriend: “who turned off the (#@&$( TV!”

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Is that harmony hub to bypass the smartthings hub or to use in conjunction with? Its just such a huge shame to be able to turn the tv on with the chromecast and google home, but not turn it off. I had the smarthings/samsung skill installed on alexa and had it working to turn it off and then it quit working. The tv showed up on the snartthings hub originally when I first started the hub but i removed it to re-install it cause it wasnt working and it has never been found or discovered again since. I have made it a switch in IDE but dont have any idea how to get them synced. How does i know WHAT to turn on and off as the switch. Once created, i see it in alexa and when i tell the command on or off, it switche/s on and off in the alexa app but doesnt actually turn the tv on/off. How to sync the two? what can be tried?

Just a trigger and a harmony activity, like motion in kitchen, turn on tv. Have you checked out samsung connect yet? I paired my tv to Samsung connect app and now it shows in my smartthings. My 2017 8 Series does work as a thing now. So it’s automatable®️. Here’s a screenshot :

I’ll check in webcore and see if there’s any tv options. I think it’s a bluetooth connection though so idk how that works if you don’t have a dedicated tablet or something that never leaves bluetooth range.

Certainly in conjunction! In fact i only have harmony do what st can’t do, so I’ll make routines that have a bunch of things changing in ST and also include a harmony activity like turn on the tv, watch Netflix etc.

@prtmkr2010 check out Lost TV Connection with Smartthings where they discuss the lost TV connection to ST in excruciating detail.

I will check out that link about lost connection this evening. Thanks for that. It’s weird because I do see the tv in Samsung connect, just not smarthings hub. I am going to investigate the harmony more. You are talking about the harmony home hub correct? No need for the harmony remote?

yeah, harmony smart control is what I have.

In Smartthings in the top menu, you may have a separate location for your connect stuff, usually there is a down arrow next to the gear at the top of the menu in the ST app.

Picked up a harmony smart hub at Wal-Mart tonight. Paid 58 bucks. Couldn’t pass it up. Now I will attempt to get all that synced/hooked up later after the kids basketball practice. I figured that wouldn’t be enough so I picked up a Phillips hue light pack to add to the mix…:grin: Started ready that link you sent about lost connections and I just honestly don’t have faith that Samsung is going to get there crap together, at least anytime soon. Now it’s just a matter of all these new hubs and brands playing nice together I suppose. Think the harmony will control a 2008 or 2009 Visio non-smart tv? Just curious. I will try and see what happens. It’s the Kids tv and sure would be fun to be able to control it from upstairs while they are downstairs watching it!

What a price!

Harmony is IR, i read about an RF extender somewhere but I haven’t seen it. I’m assuming one harmony hub per room.