Can’t create automation with Samsung TV

I have a Samsung TV and it’s configured as a device in my SmartThings App. I can control the tv via the SmartThings app and no issues there. I am tryin to create an automation with the TV and any automation I create with the tv in the condition I get “Network Error Couldn’t Add Automation”

I basically want to trigger something when the tv turns off. Should this be possible?

Hey there! @jsabia85

Can you post a screenshot of the automation that you currently have set up or attempting to set up? It is possible to use the TV as a condition for Power on or off, as well as the HDMI Sources associated with your device.

If you are using an Andriod Device, Have you already tried clearing the cache of the Smartthings Application and logging in/out of Smartthings?

Settings>Apps>Smartthings>Storage>Clear Cache and restart your device?

Additionally, you can attempt to re-pair the TV to Smartthings by removing and re-adding the device to see if the symptoms persist.

I have included the article for connecting your Samsung TV to SmartThings application. You can locate the article here for further review:,TV%2C%20and%20then%20tap%20Samsung.

I hope this message finds you well!