Anyone successfully automated a Samsung TV?

I have a ~2017 Samsung 32" and am using a Roku stick to stream shows.

Scenario: I am trying to use a motion sensor to turn on the TV when motion is detected without using IR blasters and line of sight will be difficult as the TV is on an articulating arm.

I tried a ST plug to turn it on. It worked if the TV was previously on within the last few minutes. Otherwise if the TV had been off for a while, it couldn’t wake it up and turn it on.

How do you wake up a TV without Has anyone been successful doing this and would be willing to explain how you got this to work?

Does the TV have an ARC HDMI connection? If so, can the TV be turned on with just the Roku remote?

It does have ARC, but is there a way to turn the Roku on via STs?

Is there a way to turn the TV on when a door sensor or motion sensor is triggered without any manual interaction?

If your remote can turn on the TV just by pressing the home button, then the next thing to try is to send a Wake On LAN command to the Roku while it is dormant. If that turns it on and the attached TV turns on as well, then you can work to automate a Wake On LAN from Smartthings. This would give you options to have a sensor kick off the automation.

Not all devices are compatible with the Wake On LAN, so you’ll have to experiment.