Samsung The Frame - Smartthings App

Hi! I have a Samsung TV with the Smartthings App installed. I have logged in to the app with the same account I have in my mobile and web which both work fine. But the app on samsung just show me the “cant find / connect to server message”

I can control the tv from my mobile smartthings but the app on the TV wont show any information. Anyone have a fix?

There was a fix for this a long time ago. if you search for it. I’m pretty sure if I remember right that it had to do with the number of scene’s you have created. You have to have under 10 I think. I had this problem when I first got my TV. There was never an official fix from Smartthings but one of the other community members discovered it.

Well i started with 0 scenes and same issue. added one and then a couple but still the same. It wont show anything on the TV.

Search the forums for your model TV and smartthings and “can’t find / connect to server message” and see what you find. That’s how I fixed mine originally. Also uninstall smartthings from the apps section on the TV and reinstall it. I spent about 2 weeks on getting mine to work and I used it about 3 times and then stopped. It really is not useful and it kind of sucks. I purchased a Samsung TV and was so excited to get it working but in the end, I was very disappointed.