SmartThings app does not work on TV Samsung QLED Q60T

Hi guys I want to see some of you help me, I have a problem with my samsung qled Q60T (software version 1460) that I just bought I have installed the smarthing app on the tv, however when I configure my account it does not show the devices that are configured In my smartings hubv2, on some occasions some devices were charged, however when I left and re-entered the tv, they no longer appeared. I also have a NU7500 tv bought in 2018 which also has the smarthing app on the tv and it works correctly. I already installed the application several times, I also restored the tv to its factory settings, however the problem continues

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I have the same problem. have you happen to have found a solution?

I have the same problemmmmm.


I had this issue, its a known smartthings issue.

A few steps to resolve.

Sign in and out - im sure you have tried
Re start the smart set up of your tv - unlikely to work

However the fix given to me by samsung is an odd one.

Look at your smartthings app on your phone and make note of all your scenes.
Using the voice control your smart remote on your tv run each scene one by one. So to do this i think you say Bixby Run …(name of your scene)
Bixby will then say ok ive run the scene.
Some scenes may not work. Make note of these scenes. You may need to delete them and re make them
Try this a few times and then sign in and out again.
I found this got everything back

Hope this helps