Samsung SmartTV can't be found / reconnected

After a factory reset (v3), and a new location, my Samsung SmartTV (UE55KU6400) won’t be found anymore. On my previous setup/location, which I removed completely, everything worked fine.

TV and Hub are on the same network, TV and Hub are login in onto the same Samsung account.
When I try to discover the device, nothing happens.

Any clues how to solve this issue, might it be possible to add the device via the IDE?

Did you solve this? I’m having the same issue.

Yes, a (complete) factory reset of the tv did the job.

Thanks, I did the same and it seems to have fixed it. Annoying to have to download and sign into so many apps again though.

I thought the Samsung SmartTV’s weren’t compatible until you get to the 7 series. I have a UN65F6300 and never tried it since it is a 6 series. Someone will have to let me know of this works on the older ones.