TV UN55KS8000 + Smartthings v.2

My Smartthings not found TV KS8000 (2016)

Phone Android with apk Smartthings

TV Network
TV is connected to internet via Network wifi connexion.
router d-link
wi-fi password ABC

TV System
Connect Samsung account with password UVW

Smartthings hub is connected to router with câble

On Phone
Smartthings app

  • add Device Samsung TV
    ==> application not found my TV

I Search what is the problem?


actual IP addtess

router D-Link imternational
Smartthings inc.
Philipp Lingthing BV

Samsung KS8000 - TV (2016)
I connect TV to wifi on router with pwd XYZ
internet access is ok no problem
I connect to samsung account pwd ABC
successful connexion

Phone Motorola G6+
android apk Smarthings imstalled
open ==> add device TV Samsung - bug?

problem: apk Smartthings not found my TV

I do not understand. Everything works except my TV. however roof is on the same local network 192.168.0.x

OK, Smartthings Found my TV

I select and press button next.
Process 0%…39% and stop because problem with Bluetooth (?)

Suggestion ?

suggestion: call Samsung Support on the phone and you’ll be told the UN55KS8000 / UN55KS800D model was not included in their system migration to the new app. In theory it might be added back later, they said to me, but we really can’t count on them going all the way back to 2016.

I do wonder, though, if people who already have it connected are able to continue using it, or if it’s just new connections that are the issue. And I wonder if there is any workaround.

Craig in PA (USA)