TV UN55KS8000 + Smartthings v.2

My Smartthings not found TV KS8000 (2016)

Phone Android with apk Smartthings

TV Network
TV is connected to internet via Network wifi connexion.
router d-link
wi-fi password ABC

TV System
Connect Samsung account with password UVW

Smartthings hub is connected to router with câble

On Phone
Smartthings app

  • add Device Samsung TV
    ==> application not found my TV

I Search what is the problem?


actual IP addtess

router D-Link imternational
Smartthings inc.
Philipp Lingthing BV

Samsung KS8000 - TV (2016)
I connect TV to wifi on router with pwd XYZ
internet access is ok no problem
I connect to samsung account pwd ABC
successful connexion

Phone Motorola G6+
android apk Smarthings imstalled
open ==> add device TV Samsung - bug?

problem: apk Smartthings not found my TV

I do not understand. Everything works except my TV. however roof is on the same local network 192.168.0.x

OK, Smartthings Found my TV

I select and press button next.
Process 0%…39% and stop because problem with Bluetooth (?)

Suggestion ?