TV UN55KS8000 + Smartthings v.2

My Smartthings not found TV KS8000 (2016)

Phone Android with apk Smartthings

TV Network
TV is connected to internet via Network wifi connexion.
router d-link
wi-fi password ABC

TV System
Connect Samsung account with password UVW

Smartthings hub is connected to router with câble

On Phone
Smartthings app

  • add Device Samsung TV
    ==> application not found my TV

I Search what is the problem?


actual IP addtess

router D-Link imternational
Smartthings inc.
Philipp Lingthing BV

Samsung KS8000 - TV (2016)
I connect TV to wifi on router with pwd XYZ
internet access is ok no problem
I connect to samsung account pwd ABC
successful connexion

Phone Motorola G6+
android apk Smarthings imstalled
open ==> add device TV Samsung - bug?

problem: apk Smartthings not found my TV

I do not understand. Everything works except my TV. however roof is on the same local network 192.168.0.x

OK, Smartthings Found my TV

I select and press button next.
Process 0%…39% and stop because problem with Bluetooth (?)

Suggestion ?

suggestion: call Samsung Support on the phone and you’ll be told the UN55KS8000 / UN55KS800D model was not included in their system migration to the new app. In theory it might be added back later, they said to me, but we really can’t count on them going all the way back to 2016.

I do wonder, though, if people who already have it connected are able to continue using it, or if it’s just new connections that are the issue. And I wonder if there is any workaround.

Craig in PA (USA)

I know this is old, but my phones were working with my UN65KS8000 just fine and were connected. Now the Smart(dumb)things app can no longer see the TV. It shows it as a device but it is always OFFLINE now.

Who does this to their products? I get it the TV is 6 years old but it was their flagship TV in 2016!

With the older Tvs there was a way of re onboarding them back into ST but there is no gaurantee this still works and it depends on how much effort you want to put in

We found in the past that completely resetting your tv made it re appear in ST

Be warned though, you will loose all Tv settings, all sign in details to smart apps on the Tv and you will have to go through setting your Tv up again as if its new

There is also no gaurantee you will regain any or all of the same Tv options previously available in the ST app

It is hit and miss whether this will work nowadays, 2 or 3 years ago it worked but with the backend changes and app changes it is now a shot in the dark

IF the Tv is detected after a reset it may not be indicated in the usual ST app manor and might appear on the (no room assigned) page silently without app indication after hitting the + scan for nearby devices on boarding process

Its all a shot in the dark, just depends on how much effort and pain your willing to put yourself through

Thanks, I will try this, it is just frustrating that Samsung thinks a 6 year old TV is too old to onboard into their APP changes. I have a brand new QN900B in my other room that works great so I might just use that instead.

I may just get a Roku or Harmony app. The “Smart” tv features on my 6 year old TV are constantly getting screwed up. Does Samsung think TV’s are like smart phones and you should replace them after 3 years?

Yes, 100% they do, infact probably more like 2 years old and replace, what corporation wouldnt… money money money