Samsung TV (MU6300) wierdly working

Hey guys;
Yesterday I bought a UN55MU6300 SUHD TV and funny things happened.
I logged it to my samsung account and some how it appeared in my Smartthings APP, I didnt added, It was just there in another “Home” Location. The thing is that is appeared under another “Home” location, not the one that I already use with my hub. So, how do I move it to my actual “Home”? Or how do I enroll it with my actal home?

Thanks a LOT!


Latest firmware doesn’t allow control through ST, hasn’t done for months.

If yours has been in the box, hopefully it’ll have old firmware and still work, and hopefully Samsung won’t override your turning them off.

Edit to add - we’re now on 12.10 x. 12.01 or 12.03 were the last to work.