Samsung Smart TV as a Device (model UE60KS7000)

Until sometime last year my samsung tv was working with smartthings just fine. Then according to smartthings support my tv updated the tv’s software and it means that it connects in a different way.

I thought i would have a go at re-connecting them both together as the manual suggests. But this didn’t work. I contacted smartthings support and they have no idea why the tv won’t connect to smartthings now.

I have the same samsung account on the tv and hub but it’s still not working. Ive tried on both smartthings classic and the new app.

Wondered if anyone else has had this problem and if anyone has figured how to reconnect them both together.

If it helps my tv model is: UE60KS7000.

Is there anyway to downgrade to the software to the version that I had last year?