Keep getting incorrect reporting with the Samsung Plug

(Richard Smart) #1

I seem to be getting constant incorrect reporting from the samsung plug where its reporting as ON on the Smartthings App, but its off. If I select to switch it off it just sits at “turning off”

If I kill the app and then run again, it shows as ON.

Any ideas why this is happening? If I unplug and then plug back in, it seems to report correctly for a while. But thats defeating the purpose !


(Austin Pritchett) #2

How far away is the outlet from the hub? Also, are either placed close to a WiFi device (router, other device)?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Mobile App problems identified on

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It may not be the cause though.

(Richard Smart) #4

About 5 metres from the smart hub and similar for the wireless router as its next to the smart hub. All 3 are in the same room so it shouldn’t be a signal issue