Samsung Smartthings app not allowing log-in


Downloaded the Smartthings app on iOS and i can’t get past the sign-in screen.

You press sign-in and it just refreshes to sign-in again.

Can anyone help?

Trying to connect a washing machine and tumble dryer when I eventually get there!


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Just checking… you are using a Samsung account when trying to login?

Does the app have one large circle on the app icon or six smaller circles?

If it has one large circle, you need to use New to SmartThings when logging in.

It has six small circles on the app image.

Click on that, click sign in and nothing happens.

It appears related to my new broadband. If i go onto 4G it lets me sign in.

I’ve switched to Sky Broadband today from BT. Is there known issues with Sky? Do i need to adjust security settings or firewall settings?

I’ve now tried registering appliances and it can’t find them

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