Smartcam Issue with Wisenet Android App

I have the Smartcam C6417 model

I have an Android Samsung S7 phone
using Smarthings Classic app

I have the Smarthings Hub

I was able to register Smartcam with Wisenet app on the phone
I could NOT get the Wisenet app to access the Smartcam

I called their tech support and eventually was told that their app
doesn’t always work on Android and to use a tablet etc
I said I didn’t have one - guy’s reaction after a few rounds was “oh well, you are SOL then”

I said some very nasty things to him …

being mad I called Smarthings support and Matthew was very helpful and supportive
yet, insisted that there was nothing they could do as Wisenet is a separate “entity”

out of frustration I tried the Smarthings Classic app to find the Smartcam and it did
as an “existing camera” - Matthew as positive it wouldn’t work and yet it did :slight_smile:

so I can use the Camera and am still learning how to setup alerts etc

Note: the camera needs lots of light to actually see faces
so I plan to get a few Smarthings outlet controllers to “let there be light” if the Camera detects motion or audio