Having trouble with my Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo

I recently bought a robot vacuum, specifially the expensive one for its ability to integrate with ST and a few other features we like. I’ve connected it through ST but I can’t get anything to trigger it. I mostly want it to trigger and auto clean once everyone’s cell phones are away, and go back to charging once someone returns. Through the connected smartapp I can do this with routines, which I have set up and I see the routines are working properly but the vacuum doesn’t respond.

Really I would prefer to do this through CoRE to have even more customization for my triggers buy I was unable to figure out how as it seems CoRE can’t tell the bot to start cleaning, only to turn on or off. Unless I’m missing something can anyone help me find a solution? I’m also interested in what triggers you have if you have a robot vacuum as well?

Thanks for your help!

Any suggestions @ady624?

Please go to the CoRE task for the vacuum and open up the task command selection and provide a snapshot of all available commands there. Maybe there is a custom command…

I’m just now noticing the “Start(…)” action. That might be it, but maybe I was scared off by the “(…)” part? What does that mean? Also, I haven’t found a way to make everyone leaving a trigger? Any suggestions?

The (…) represents possible parameters that need to be sent. I would try and just use start() with no parameters.

IF Each of Bob, Steve, Maria, and Susan’s presence is not present then…