Samsung Reveals Entire 2016 Smart TV Line-Up will be IoT Ready

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This is such a weak argument. If that would be the case, then they should disclose and privide the support numbers for those who wrote these apps, but instead they are providing one support number, and that’s Samsung. It’s their responsibility if something doesn’t work as advertised.

(Michael K) #102

But why are the mobile apps not going to work with the tv too? Why not have local access to the TV display but also there’s still all the same backend and app access as before? Nothing posted anywhwere implies otherwise that i saw?

Big picture, i just see it that they’re taking advantage of the spare processing power of the CPU/memory in the tv to replace the CPU/memory in the hub. Plug in the USB dongle with the radios and it’s just as prowerful as a hub. Theyre’s probably spare cycles in their fridge, washer, dryer, microwave, etc at this point. Anything that has a usb port and some spare cycles and memory , could hypothetically be a hub, get the dongle attached and you could use your smartphone as the controller just as we do today.

They could theoretically make a hub app to run on android tv, apple tv, roku, etc and you would just plug in the radio dongle and those could work as a hub and would connect to their cloud and allow us to use all the current app’s. (Not sure they would as it’s a branding issue)

I came to ST only a few months (weeks maybe…) ago and have a V2 hub. I can’t imagine how crippled the V1 hub must have been hardware wise that they couldn’t do local processing on it. Was the cost to produce 4 bucks? My kids have calculators that have enough stones to run what’s needed.

I came from MiCasaVerde’s Vera (now MIOS I think). Anyway I had about 3 or 4 generations of their “hub”. The very first generation was a STOCK asus router with an aeon z-stick. They covered the asus branding with their own stickers. The free cpu and memory in a 4-5 year old wireless router was all that was needed. And that was able to pull off a LOCAL webserver and connections to local cell phones and 100% local processing for zwave, and a usb/serial adapter to an insteon/x10 bridge. The thing was never cloud based and had a web ui that you could access without ever connecting to the web. While the web ui is now dated, it still does more than the current ST IDE site and smartphone apps combined. ***that said they couldn’t get their heads out of their butts either so that’s why i’m here- :slight_smile:

I’m thinking google figured it out too and it’s just a matter of time till their new router (onhub i think it’s called?) can act as a HA Hub too.

Someone above posted that a Nest thermostat doesn’t have the stones to be a hub. I really dont know- has anyone opened one? I wouldn’t be shocked if the hardware wasn’t as powerfull as a router. It’s not cheap- there’s no reason to skimp on the bill of materials. For all we know it could be a hub too- it’s just google wants you in their cloud not on your local network.

So really- bring on the dryer that I plug that dongle into- my laundry room is close enough to my center of the house wiring closet. I’ll chuck this hub to the curb no worries. :wink:

the only thing that surprises me is that the radios aren’t built in to the TV’s. What’s a zwave and zigbee chip cost now a days- 49 cents? I’m exaggerating here- but zigbee is an open standard right? And Samsung could call sigma and tell them they want to put the chips in 2 million tv’s a year- sigma could give them away royalty free just counting on all the new devices that would get sold to go along with the tv’s that would have royalties paid to them. And hec with Appleand homekit and google and nest anything to shore up Z-wave as “the protocol” isn’t a bad idea for them.

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the usb stick is for TVS only and isnt for you to control the tv, its for the tv to control devices . . . so you wont be putting it in any washer/dryer anytime soon haha . . . but i like your thinking regardless.

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i think you’re right and that’s why all the old devices are getting amazon, netflix, etc killed off. I am under the impression that all the big boys basically just write their “app” in HTML5 now and all the tv’s, roku’s, tivo’s etc all need to make their new devices HTML5 ready so it’s somewhat “standardized” Amazon, netflix, etc want their UI to be the same no matter what device you use.

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dont ruin my fun - laughing

the USB stick is ANNOUNCED for tv’s only at this time. bwahahahahahahaha


The law’s the law, that’s not under Samsung’s control. The argument is that EU consumers are benefiting from that law because it prevents censorship of live programming. If you disagree, you need to work with your elected officials.

I believe that most similar applications work by having the camera image go to a separate app screen. It’s legal to show it, just not to overlay the live feed from a different source.

Meanwhile, Samsung is a corporate member of Digital Europe, who have been arguing against the overlay ban for some time. You might look into their efforts as well.

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Evening JD :slight_smile: happy new year by the way . . .

Yeah i understand it, im not disagreeing at all with the law aspect, i agree with that, i just wanted to know how Samsung/SmartThings plans to work around it, as it obviously will hold no value for UK residents, if everytime you want to change something you have to go into a tv app etc etc and no quick shortcuts or work round on the overlays etc . . .

With it been Samsung based i reckon they will built it into the SmartHub / Guide feature (allowing users to put a few shortcuts in the pop up menu/guide for the smart hub . . .

i also reckon a wise solution would be that when a notification needs to be pushed out it comes from the top in a marquee style but pushes the tv image down (as not to cover it) . . . wether they will take time to think about this and find a solution or just say " sorry EU its not for you, is a different thing "

we shall soon see, ive learnt not to get excited with ST announcements until ive seen USER reviews and feedback . . . anyone can talk the talk, im only interested in the walk . . . .

(Brian Diehl) #108

There’s always the possibility that a voice remote could handle the HA features and give an audio or light cue for acknowledgement.

Knowing Samsung, they’ll just put a second screen on the TV used for extra features, a la the Galaxy Edge devices.

On a somewhat unrelated sidenote, I am just waiting for a company to do a secondary ticker screen at the bottom of the TV that can be controlled via an app to choose what to display (news, sports scores, weather, etc)

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Instead of paying $99 to upgrade my hub for new functionality, now I have to pay $2000 for a new TV.

Integration is not always a good strategy.

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Funny or Sad?!?!

Samsung's #CES2016 app provides clues to its product announcements. Fridge with integrated cam & lots of IoT focus

— Ben Wood (@benwood) January 4, 2016

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Or, you know, you could just buy the hub because they’ve not said anywhere they’ll stop doing the separate hub.

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Both. Samsung’s savvy for broken English and lavish production that simply does not resonate with western culture has always been funny to watch. What will be sad is what they end up bringing to SmartThings (besides money of course).


Why do i want this in my TV? I hate it when they do smart TV… they never update their damns shit so don’t bother putting any smarts into my TV. I just want a good display. Let me plug something smart into it so that I can upgrade later. ALL I WANT is a 4K display with a TV tuner.

(Benji) #114

Erm, what? They update their TVs all the time, my 2013 still gets updated along with the apps… there are plenty of 4k displays with tuners…


Scott can control every home alliances in his car!

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Also, a motion sensor in the entrance is able to open or close the front door as well as check visitors outside. That is one powerful sensor!


I loved this line:

"It also wants to make gadget control a more ‘lean-back’ couch potato affair, rather than ‘lean forward and scratch head’ experience, by integrating it seamlessly with TV viewing. "

It’s definitely a '…lean forward and scratch head experience…" at the moment. :smile:

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Everyone loves a good home alliance haha, did chuckle when i read the picture and then saw your comment hha

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I don’t have any insider info here, but it’s likely that this is a regulatory workaround. Getting tens of TVs (most of which have already been in development for over a year, I would bet) registered with the FCC would be a huge pain. Much easier to make a separate device that works with all of the TVs.

Also, the dongle is free, and plugs into the back of the TV in an otherwise underused USB port. So I can’t see any benefit (other than maybe possibly slightly better antenna placement?) to building them in.


I recently purchased a Samsung 4k television and already purchased 2 evolution kits, I hope it comes as an update