Samsung Reveals Entire 2016 Smart TV Line-Up will be IoT Ready


I works with the harmony app and echo

(Brian Diehl) #122

My 2013 LG still gets updated… if by updated you mean notifications of features being discontinued every other month.

(Michael K) #123

the FCC bit makes a lot of sense.

is the dongle included in the box? If so then there are limited benefits.

But if not (which i assumed so could be wrong) the basic benefit is there’s no inertia to overcome- it’s just built in and works. It would cost less to produce, require less hardware, etc, etc.

(Amauri Viguera) #124

The sad part is that if you’ve been at this for a while a lot of that stuff was around, but it was very much for tinkerers only.

I remember maybe 10-12 years ago I had a PC with a video capture card and I’d use it to stream the TV signal, and you could overlay whatever you wanted on top of it using software. You could have caller ID or messages about your favorite shows about to start, etc.

Nowadays things look like they are relatively easier to get up and running, but also lack a lot of the features that you’d get when you roll your own.

(Richard Patrick) #125

Now I’m really wondering if I should have bought 5 new Samsung TV’s for the new house on Black Friday or waited for the 2016 models. I assume the USB can be added to 2015 TV’s to bring them into ST?
I’m new to ST and only have a couple of devices at my current house to test and make sure I want it at the new house that’s under construction now.

(Jason) #126

I bet they will sell you an evolution kit for each one… But you will probably be better off just buying the hub. It really will depend on how they allow the tv to be used as a thing.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #127

This is a real concern. I came across this problem when I had a go at writing a ‘pop up’ announcer for incoming telephone callerID for my Samsung TV. The API function was not available in my UK model. I had to take a totally different and expensive approach to achieve this. Crestron have been unable to release their Samsung app in the UK (Europe) because of this.

I understand the issue is not within the control of Samsung but the intent of the regulations really needs to consider other reasons people might want pop ups and overlays, security cameras and CallerID are good examples. An opt in/out option in the TV settings for example. I hope something is made possible as it is needed for good home automation functionality within a TV.

I see that the DigitalEurope paper has this proposal “The choice of the presentation and possible combinations of different content on one screen should be determined and owned by the consumer”. Thanks for the link to that JDR.

(Kyle ) #128

Out Of curiosity how did you achieve the caller id pop ups on a uk tv ? Did u have to hack it wothcode or hardeare to do the overlays?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #129

I use a HDMI external tuner (Virgin Tivo) with a BrightSign video overlay generator that is controlled via IP. Very good it is too handling both video and html5 . But it’s an expensive solution for what I originally thought could have been accomplished with an inbuilt TV function. Also if anyone switches to the internal tuner it doesn’t work of course.

(Mike Maxwell) #130

My yet to be answered question regarding these TV’s.
Everything I’ve read points to the TV being able to control ST devices, my actual interest is what aspects of the TV can be controlled via ST using V1 and V2 hubs, I’ve not seen anything about that.
The specific features currently being written about seem to suggest that the TV can control ST devices, but not the other way around.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #131

Same. Don’t care about the TV acting as a hub.

Don’t really care if I can control the TV though, either.

Only interested in what a/v outputs ST can inject to the tv as a AV device as a result of this integration.

(Tim Slagle) #146

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(Brian Diehl) #147


If ST can be used for a PIP with a security camera feed down the side of the TV, then this will be an awesome integration.

I realize that this wouldn’t work in the UK due to their regulations, but software can easily be disabled. It doesn’t have to change the hardware.

Push notification pop-ups that are configurable to be displayed only during certain times (maybe only when the kids are using the TV so you can warn them they’ve been watching too long)

(James) #148

Same here.but I’m also interested in what functionality the remote will have.

(Devesh Batra) #149

Looking for a new TV 55"+ for the bedroom… this would help narrow the choice down…


what about their 2015 early SUHD adopters - I surely dont buy a new 65" TV again this year …

(Brian Diehl) #151

There may possibly be an evolution kit available.
If you’ve already got a hub, it might not be worth it though. For those new to the game, it might be an investment to have 1 less item.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #152

Video of the integration…

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #153

All they needed to do was put an app on the TV to talk to an existing hub. It appears they want to sell you a new TV (big surprise there).

Is there a SmartThings app in development for Android/Apple TV? @Ben


A Tizen client for Samsung TVs is coming as well. There are (at least) four angles to this:

TV as a hub
2015 TV as a device
2016 TV as a device
TV as a client

As far as I know, no. Not at this time.

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