Samsung Radiant R1 speakers compatible with ST?

I have been reading several conflicting opinions and comments about compatibility between SmartThings and the Samsung Radiant R1 (which is weird since they are all the same brand, so you’d think they would work together by default). I want to know if I could add 4 or 5 Samsung Radiant R1 speakers as devices to be controlled with the ST hub and use all of it to trigger events. I am heavily leaning towards getting the ST hub and the speakers if they work together. 95% of my HA devices are Zwave, so I would be able to transfer them seamlessly (or so I think and hope) to ST. The thing that would definitely seal the deal for me would be the ability to use the speakers fully integrated with the ST app/system. I know the app for the speakers has the alarm and sleep features, but I would like, for example, to set it up to where I have the lights in my bedroom turn on while a selected music play list (or a play list from Spotify or my local NPR station) turns on to play on the speakers, along with events such as the coffee maker getting started and the like. ANY help / advice / input / suggestion / idea / recommendation any of you, knowledgeable and generous people, could provide would be welcomed, thanked and appreciated. Thanks and take care.

I would check to see if the products you already have for z-wave are listed. This would be the first step.

I have several R1’s and a M3. I use one R1 for announcements upstairs, and the M3 for downstairs. The other R1’s are grouped with my soundbar, so I exclude them from announcements, plus, its loud enough, I dont need them in stereo.

You should be able to set up routines doing what you are trying to do. Also, can leverage IFTTT and CoRE.