HELP - Samsung Multi-Room Audio Options - does it work with ST?

Dear Community, I am hoping someone owns or has tested a Samsung shape product from their multi-room offering with the Smartthings Hub. I am hoping to purchase a few of the shape speakers as well as the HW-H750/ZA sound bar and set up smartthings to use them. I have seen lots of people using the sonos products which seem to be at least twice the cost of the Samsung multi-room offerings and I heard the sound bar last week and was very impressed, especially when the sound bar and the sub are half the cost of the sonos. I really don’t want to just buy, try and return if unsuccessful as I think that simply raises costs for everyone over the long run. Any help, guidance, commentary you can provide would be appreciated. …I have searched the forum and found no results but as I am a nobie with this thing so if forgive me if this is answered elsewhere. THANKS! Dave

Someone please help!

At this point it does not work. It has been discussed during some of the previous developer calls, but nothing official was ever announced about supporting these speakers. I am sure it’s on the road map for some day in the future, but it does not integrate today.

Hi, any update on the functionality of the Samsung muti room system or “shape” system with smartthings?