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I just bought a Samsung R1 speaker thinking it would obviously have more support than other speakers, but it seems I was wrong. It seems Mood Music doesn’t work for Samsung Speakers. This is a big deal because I can’t trigger my speaker to play audio tracks or stations. Was I wrong to try to build a Samsung speaker ecosystem? Should I return this speaker for a Sonos so I can play specific audio tracks based on event triggers? I’m pretty confused right now. It seems so strange that I can’t use the Mood Music smartapp.

It’s not listed on the compatibility list so I doubt you’ll get the functionality you’re looking for. I’d stick to what’s specifically on the list.

Thanks for the list. I’ll be returning this speaker for one on the list. I’m also having problems with music not resuming and volume not returning to its original setting after smartthings sends a notification to the speaker. The SmartThings app is definitely misleading by displaying this speaker in the marketplace section and saying multiroom speakers will work. I’m pretty upset I wasted time buying this speaker. I hope I can return this otherwise the smartthings app made me waste my money too.

AFAIK the Sonos only allows 6 preset stations/playlists, but I also was disappointed with the integration.


So do you know personally any speakers that work? I don’t want to go through this again. Like you can listen to music, have a notification come through, and then the music continue playing at the same volume? Or if mood music actually works with other speakers?

The R1 is not listed on that compatibility list, it’s model number is WAM1500 from what I found online.

I personally use Sonos but any of the specific models listed in the compatibility list should be able to do what you want. (I have only ever used the Sonos integration so the rest is just assumptions)

Good point, I didn’t know it’s model number, just assumed they were all on there.

This is definitely not true, I have a WAM750, and it will easily add to ST, and can play tts and announcements, but You can not continue playing music on it after any tts message, and you cannot select any playlists to play on it. You can manually start a playlist that you will be able to leave loaded and use the “play/pause” to control that one list, but if the playlist gets cleared it will take manual selection.

I haven’t tested this in a while, but that was my last experience. no point in having it connected with basically no functionality…

Wow thanks a lot for posting this! I was going to return my R1 for yours and I would have been so mad when I figured that out!

So I loaded up a playlist, turned on music, and opened my door that has a speaker notification… The volume adjusted up for the notification and then didn’t adjust it back down, but it did continue playing music on the playlist. Minor success I’d say. I think Sonos and Bose are the only speaker that work 100%. Bose has an official smartapp and all of the ST music apps have a Sonos logo when you look into your smartapps.
I wouldn’t be so mad about the music interruptions if Mood Music worked because I’d just have this speaker for notifications only, but it can’t even do that perfectly if I can’t use custom sound files. The box my speaker came in says “works with Smartthings” it should say "kinda works with Smartthings."
I guess I will get a Sonos. It sucks that I’ll be giving up bluetooth connectivity, touch panel, and my gear S app for a Sonos wifi only speaker, but at least it should work properly.


No, Don’t buy Sonos. I just returned my pair of Sonos speakers because they kept loosing connection with ST every 24 hours. Then I’d have to reprogram all of my announcements to get it to work again, and I had created many announcements…I had to do this twice and that was enough for me to return and buy a set of 3 refurbished Samsung R1’s. So HAPPY with the Samsung R1’s for tts announcements!

Awesome thanks for the feedback! Are your announcements getting cut off? My R1 keeps reducing it’s volume slightly (fading out I guess?) after each announcement until it eventually just cuts off the last bit of my announcements because the volume fades to zero. If i turn my speaker’s volume up to 100% again in the ST app, i can usually get like 5 announcements until the volume reduces too low. It’s the strangest thing. I’m not sure if I should factory reset the speaker because of the how the newest firmware update on the speaker handles things or what. I don’t believe I had this fading issue on the previous firmware.


So far I don’t have any issues with announcements getting cut off. When I got my Samsung R1’s a couple of days ago and hooked them up it informed me to update to the newest firmware which I believe was: v3110. You may want to try to set the individual volume of the “Speaker Notify with Sound” for your announcements.I have my options (within that app) to show "Resume currently playing after notification, set to “ON” and you can also set the “Temp. Change Volume” for each notification you create to what-ever volume level you want.

So far, this is my second day with the Samsung R1’s and they have announced every announcement accurately and completely without cutting off or reducing sound as you have described. “FINGERS CROSSED”!!!

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I’m going to factory reset the speaker and see if I can get the old firmware back. I think it’s the speaker trying to fade out the notification and then smartthings trying to put the volume back to where it left off after each notification… just a guess

So I talked to tech support and there is no way to downgrade the firmware even with a reset. I’d imagine it can be done through the service port under the speaker but I would guess that would require Oden and a copy of the old firmware or something like that

Well they are working on it. Here is an email I got from Smartthings support:

…Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry to hear your speaker’s volume is turning down like this, it is very strange.

We have noticed some issues lately with the Samsung R1 integration, I do apologize for that, I have included your account in a report to our engineers and we are working on getting everything smoothed out right now…

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I found a great page and theres a little more information here on how I got these working with CoRE and virtual switches, couple with the ability now on playing my fav radio stations via Alexa and being able to add the switches to ActionTiles! :smiley:

Having issues with Radiant R1 after the TTS announcement is made through the speakers the streaming music never restarts. I have to go back into the multiroom app to restart.
Has anyone had experience with this issue??

Was there ever a fix posted for this? I’m having this issue as well and it happens with announcements from SHM and the speaker companion I have three R1 and it happens with all of them :worried: I am about ready to give up and return them if I can’t get them working properly.