Samsung R1

I found 4 Samsung R1 multiroom speakers on Amazon for 45.00 each open box. I bought them and no problem setting them up with samsung TV. The real reason I got them is to use with STs as barking dogs but using either STs apps I can’t get them to add as a thing to setup. When I go into add them under speakers it shows a pic of them but doesn’t find them. Surely samsung works with samsung as there pushing all samsung items connect. I got a 2019 Tab A and it has STs right in it. I’ve found posts on this but no fix. I’m kinda new here so dont be hard on me

Are they set up on Wifi or bluetooth? They have to be on wifi for ST to see them.

I have two R1s and here is what I remember from set up a couple of years ago:

You have to switch them from the TVSoundConnect to Bluetooth to connect to Smartthings. The speaker can not connect to both at the same time.

When connecting to Smartthings, it took about a minute or two to find the speaker - be patient.

Good luck!

Pizzini, you seem to be familiar with the R1. Any idea of smartthings has dropped support for these?

Sorry, I don’t know… I have not used mine with Smartthings in a while but am using them connected to an old echo dot via Bluetooth. I moved all my Smarthome audio to Hubitat where it has been 100% reliable so far (and per the Hubitat forum you can connect the R1 speaker also. )