Samsung Q Series Power ON issues with Alexa

Based on materials I have read with regards to Samsung TV integrations with ST and further Alexa Integration

My situation

I have done a recent update on my whole home automation

I have “5” Samsung Q series 2019 Smart TV’s in my home. I was able to onboard and discover all TV’s and integrate them in ST “new app” and control them. I ran into several issues where I could turn the TV off from the app but could not power on. I believe this issue has cleared based on proper setups.

My bigger concern from readings is the ability to perform the same actions from Alexa

I clearly have the Smart Skill loaded and TV’s recognized, but what is really weird, 3 of My TV’s I cannot get Alexa to stay consistent with the ability to control them. Meaning, I am able to tell Alexa to turn them off when they are powered on, but I cannot get Alexa to execute turning them on as she indicates they may be offline and check there connections. I don’t have this issue on 2 of the TV’s of the 5.

Reading in the community, there is reference of imbedded hostname being fixed as “Localhost” and no ability to change that as a possible problem with many TV’s in the same network

ST development, given your engagements with Samsung and consumer products, can you please provide some updates here please.

This on is weird, but I can replicate it 100% regardless of wired vs. wireless, separate subnets in private network, etc.